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Shimmer and Shine takes pride in being among the select few professional detailers in Calgary certified and authorized by GYEON. We exclusively offer the GYEON Q2 INFINITE EVO line of coatings designated as Certified Professional Use Only by GYEON due to its exceptional quality.

Formulated for optimal longevity and performance, GYEON Q2 INFINITE EVO must be applied under meticulously controlled conditions. Thus, it is imperative to conduct the application indoors where temperature, exposure to the elements, and relative humidity can be regulated.

Before applying the GYEON coatings, we will perform a thorough preparation  work to ensure the surface is fully decontaminated. The decontamination of the surface will be followed by paint correction. After that we will apply several layers of GYEON Q2 INFINITE EVO coating, establishing a professional-grade finish. Once applied to the paintwork, alloys, and trim, the coatings undergo an essential forced curing process before the vehicle is released. 

The whole process from start to finish (cleaning, paint correction, application, curing) may take up to 3 days. Prices vary depending on the size and condition of the car paint. For a free quote, contact Shimmer and Shine.



Ceramic coating is not just a transparent layer; it's a solid, slick, and self-cleaning shield crafted from silica. Once crystallized, this protective layer becomes a stalwart guardian for your vehicle.

Imagine this ultra-thin yet mighty layer on any surface of your beloved ride, offering unparalleled protection. Resistant to chemicals and impervious to polishing attempts, the liquid coating penetrates the paint's porous structure during application, sealing it off.

The result? A remarkably smooth automotive paint surface with enhanced resistance to the elements, thanks to its UV protection.



It's not just about appearances. While a ceramic-coated car dazzles with a glossy finish, the real magic happens in your day-to-day experiences. Your car stays cleaner longer, reducing the frequency of those mundane maintenance washes. The surface feels sleek, collecting less dust and pollen.

Worried about oxidation?

Fear not, as our ceramic coating ensures your paint remains as vibrant as the day it rolled off the lot for years to come.

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A ceramic coating won't shield against scratches, swirls, or scuffs unless maintained properly. It won't act as a force field against stone chips or mechanical damage. Remember, it's not a substitute for paint protection film. Think of it as a savvy companion for the conscientious car owner, a tool that, when used wisely, helps keep your vehicle in impeccable condition. While it won't solve every woe, a ceramic coating from Shimmer and Shine is a fantastic step towards maintaining automotive perfection.

Will a coating always repel water as on the first day?

No. Beading is spectacular, although it’s the secondary quality of a coating. The hydrophobicity is a result of very high surface tension a coating generates. It will diminish with time due to contamination but has no connection with the level of protection. To restore hydrophobicity (water repellence quality), contact Shimmer and Shine.

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GYEON Q2 INFINITE EVO Warranty is the first warranty giving the freedom of choice, being tailor-made for you and your car’s lifestyle. An exclusive warranty system is based on clear rules defined by the maintenance you decide to follow for your vehicle. For more information on GYEON warranty requirements, visit GYEON website.

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